letter to Malala

Dear Malala,

What you have done has been amazing. You are a wonderful girl. I thank you for standing up for girl’s education and that nothing stopped you from that and that you have been through a lot and still be brave to conquer your dream. I appreciate that, everyone else who doesn’t know about you and  what you did should know.


Sky Birds

The sky is blue

It was like a gloom

getting ready to bloom

with birds flying over

they come closer

to feel the breeze getting colder

trying to find people to put him warmer

nothing has worked until is over

Mini – Memoir

Once upon a time I was born on July 22, 2005 my parents called me Genesis My parent’s were happy when I was born. My name is in the bible many years later when I was 10 I was thrown  a birthday party and it was about PARIS but suddenly  It started to pour a lot  and the wind started blowing things away it was a disaster. It was raining for about 3 hours and people still came to my party and we tried not to let the things fall. Then, this women came up to me and said that god was protecting me a nd that it was a gift. After, a while it stopped raining and we put the things back together so everyone started having fun and I think she was right It maybe was a gift after all we went to the park we played, ate cake, took pictures and more.


The book Finally is about how Rory can’t wait to turn 12 and that she had a list of things she could do when sghe turned 12 and she could do so many things now  that she couldn’t do before like she said that she can sit in the second first passenger seat , go to the mall with your friends ,you can pierce your ears , and babysit your next door neighbors kid so she is exited to finally turn 12. The author is Wendy Mass. The book cost 6.99 you could find it at any book store.What I like about the book is that the girl is exited to tur 12 and it is interesting and what I don’t like about the book is that there is no drama or that much suspense because then it could be mysterie.